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    The First Tee Program 2019

Junior Golf Program
2019 Spring Session

What & How We Deliver Classes


The First Tee Junior Golf Program

(Ages 4-6 - Tee Wees/PLAYer)
Tuesday, March 26th-May 21st, 2019

(Ages 7-10 PLAYer/Par)
Tuesday, March 26th-May 21st, 2019

Registration Fee

$125.00 for Session (Nine Week Program) - add $75 more for both Tuesdays & Thursdays
*Must be Coach approved to attend both Tuesdays & Thursdays.
$100 for Tee Wee Class on Tuesdays - 45 minutes in length
$75.00 for Siblings and Volunteer Coaches kids
(Financial Aid Available)